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Creativity and Creative Learning: Redefining the Future of Learning – Webinar

“Creativity and Creative Learning: Redefining the Future of Learning”: Presented by Dr. Pam Burnard | July 30, 2011 | 8:00- 9:00 pm

     Attending an e-conference is new for me.  I never had any experience of an on-line live seminar, or a so-called “webinar”, prior to this task.  It was very convenient and “cool”, so to speak.  It somehow works just like a normal meeting, it’s just that, you can’t really see everyone, say, your co-participants in the seminar.  Another fundamental element of the webinar is the chat box, where all thelisteners, including the speaker could interact.  It is where the listeners could freely post their insights, reactions and questions.  This feature removes a great wall of division from the speaker.  This could also favour those people who don’t want to get too much attention from the other people when he would like to inquire from the speaker.  Second, the slide presentation, which can be downloaded immediately, allows easy access not only for the speaker but also for the listeners as well.  It has also been made easier for the speaker to share links and other resources.

     The e-conference which I attended is about creativity and how essential it is in the child’s learning.  Dr. Pam says that creativity must be used to author change from traditional conventions.  It has also been stressed that the children’s creative learning could only be fostered through the collaborative efforts of the home and of the school.  Both the home and school contexts contribute to the development of creativity of the child.  Now, Dr. Pam emphasized that creativity should have a central place in the school’s curriculum. I quote from Dr. Pam’s presentation, “Creativity is imaginative activity fashioned so as to produce outcomes that are original and of value.”  She also introduced a “Creativity Wheel”, where she said that creative development has different attributes such as “Imagination with a purpose”, “Originality”, and “Value”.  This wheel could be used to check how creative a task has been done, also, it serves as a guide in doing tasks “creatively”. Dr. Pam has shared many ways of achieving creative learning and creative teaching in subjects such as music.  She also talked about critical thinking and creative thinking and the differences among the two concepts.


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