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Integrating Music with Literacy to Help Struggling Readers — a webinar

Elizabeth Peterson.  Integrating Music with Literacy to Help Struggling Readers.  Supposed to be on July 31, 2011 at 11-11:30pm.

It was “supposed to be” because, honestly, I wasn’t able to attend the webinar I’m very interested into because I fell asleep waiting for it.  I wasn’t able to attend the other following webinars because of work the next day.  I’m very interested in this presentation because I myself am a struggling reader.  There will be times that when I don’t like what I’m reading, I immediately fall asleep in front of the book.  Sometimes I have a very short attention span to what I’m reading.  Just after a few paragraphs, I find myself looking at other things (playing games, looking for someone to text to, staring at pictures of the book, etc.).  Sadly, I didn’t hear Elizabeth speak live together with the other participants.

But good thing that as I followed the speaker through twitter, I’ve found very interesting links about this webinar archived in some webistes.  It has some kind of summary about the overall presentation.  (Links can be found here:

As I read through the blogs and comments of the people present in the presentation, I still learned a lot.  I realized that reading different writings and listening to music are very similar to each other.  Using the experience from listening to music can definitely improve the reading experience of a student as a struggling reader.

Ellizabeth’s strategy is to make her students hear a piece of music together and then she’ll let them express what they think about what they heard.  This helps her bring her students to her teaching on reading.  Before drawing her students’ attention to the lecture on reading, she would first let her students experience their interest which is listening to music.  This is one way she integrates music with literacy.

I’ve found that there are increasing number of learners and educators in the internet and, just like the concept of open sourcing, they share it for free!  This alone compels me to learn more and look for more educators out there who have some idea worth sharing and/or learning.


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Happy Birthday Linux!

My kind of penguin

Pardon this child-like drawing.  Its my first time to do this. Haha!  I used  Its a great tool for graphics and it functions like photoshop.  No need for downloads, just go straight to their website and you can immediately start editing.  :)

Happy birthday Linux!!!!! :D


Something that describes me.

Hardworker 🙂

“There is no substitute for hard work.” -T.A. Edison