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The webinar I attended was Cecilia Lemos’ Alternative Assessment and e-Portfolios: Sharing a Successful Experience and Ideas. The general feel of the webinar was very comfortable. it is like having a chat with a friend inside a room. it feels like there’s no distance between the speaker and the audience. It was VERY interactive.


I logged in late because of connection problems but what I stumbled upon when I did connect was:

– What is alternative assessment?
– performance, student-specific, process oriented
– student-specific focuses on the student’s performance, where he/she wants to go in learning.
-very flexible
– Traditional vs. Alternative
– Focuses on language(T) vs Focus on Communication(alt)
– teacher Centered vs Learner Centered
-isolated Skills vs Integrated skills
-emphasis on the product vs emphasis on the process
-one-way correctness vs multiple solutions
-test that test vs test that teach (richards and renandaya 2002)

-washback- what the students get from the examination/test/assessment

I learned that genuine assessment cannot be achieved by paper and pencil tests alone. Other forms of assessment are far better than paper and pen tests that we usually encounter and many if not most of us will use when the time comes to assess our students.

She introduced the online or the e-portfolio, a portfolio ONLINE! hahaha. It was an amazing way to measure what the students have been learning and is very appealing to them because of its online nature.

Here are some ideas that were shared by the speaker on the forms that theĀ  e-protfolio might take:

-screen casts

I’ve never tried glogster but she mentioned that it was some form of poster making website. Have not really checked.


In conclusion, I think the webinar is a great venue in which people can share ideas in real time and keep the ball of ideas rolling until something great is achieved. The only limitation I could think about is the problem of internet connection. My experience was not as ideal because of the faulty internet connection that i used. But everything else was fine. Thanks.



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