RSCON3 Reflection


I attended the webinar “Alternative assessment and electronic portfolios: sharing and successful experience and ideas” which was presented by Cecilia Lemos. It was a 30-minute session from 8:30-9:00 pm last July 31.

The experience was great. There are around 50 participants from all-over the world. Luckily, I was not the only one from the Philippines. there are four of us including two of my classmates in EDUC 190.

The webinar discussed the advantages of alternative assessment as oppose to traditional assessment which is usually a paper-and-pencil test. Personally, most of my learning experiences in elementary and high school were assessed traditionally which is also the predominant method used in most public schools. As a future teacher, I want to change this. I’m not saying that paper-and-pencil tests should be abolished in the educational system. But, I think it is better to appraise students’ learning using alternative assessments, e.g. performance-based, journals, portfolios, projects, etc., since it measures their understanding and how they apply it. It is an appraisal and a learning experience at the same time. (This webinar had the right timing because I had an exam in physics the next day. It made me realize that it is not that important to get a high score in the exam. True understanding of the concepts is all-important.)

The webinar also discussed the use of electronic portfolios as an assessment tool. The session was nearing its end so the presenter briefly showed a video of how she uses e-portfolios in assessing her students in an english class. It is interesting to know that they don’t use numerical grading systems in their school which is more advantageous according to her.

The webinar was very informative. Aside from the concepts that I learned about alternative assessment, I also learned some links to different e-portfolios that are available in the web which came from the presenter and some participants.


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