Rainy RSCON Day

I truly enjoyed my first webinar experience! The topics were all so interesting and relevant I wanted to attend all of them.

These e-conferences are very convenient and exciting (and it’s free!). Features such as the note pad, auto-record, polls, presentation comments, chat box, the web cam (for the speaker) and save chat/notes/whiteboard slides further enhances learning by increasing interaction and allowing you to efficiently document information.

The speaker posed a question to the participants…and in less than a minute, this is how the slide looked like.

The chat box is my personal favorite because through this, I get a glimpse at the life of other participants and that’s where people post all the helpful links. That’s where I also encountered several new concepts like “Google certified teacher” and “blended learning”. People who are shy to ask questions out loud could also abuse the chat box – just type in the question and moderator will read it to the presenter.

And did I already say it’s very convenient? Anyone can access it from anywhere as long as they have Internet connection, just likemadsciguy 1:

On July 31, 2011 at 6:09 AM
madsciguy 1: Rockwall Texas, in hospital just had twins yesterday and a day from learning was wrenching. Two beautiful grls and I have attended all rscons and listened to podcast of sessions i missed

In some instances, you can even download some of the presentation slides beforehand so you know what to expect. The presenters’ websites and Twitter accounts are posted, too.It’s also good that the sessions were brief and very interactive. With this tool, people who have so much to share but have public speaking anxiety, can now reach out to other people while trying to overcome their fear It’s like being in an international conference while in the comfort of your own home!.. too much comfort I fell asleep while listening to one of the sessions. Thank God my CamStudio Recorder was on (thanks Joy).

Here are the conferences I’ve attended:

    7/31/2011 5:30:00- 6:00 Awakening Indispensable People
    by Monika Hardy

    7/31/2011 6:30:- 7:30
    Keynote Presentation: Creating the Schools that Empower Students to Find Their Sentence
    by Lisa Nielsen

    7/31/2011 8:00:-8:30
    Ask the Children- Meaningful Student Blogging for all Levels (my favorite)
    by Pernille Ripp

    7/31/2011 23:00- 23:30
    Integrating Music with Literacy to Help Struggling Readers
    by Elizabeth Peterson

I wanted more, but my schedule made it impossible. I tried to partake in two sessions at the same time but it didn’t work for me. So, I just followed the blogs (’cause I haven’t found a reason to like Twitter, still) of those presenters whose topic I found fascinating – adding up to my “I’ll-check-it-out-as-soon-as-I’m-no-longer-busy” list. I really should’ve attended that webinar Keep a finger on the pulse of your PLN!


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